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All papers are judged according to originality, novelty, quality of scientific content and contribution to existing knowledge. A paper may describe original work, discuss a new technique or application, or present a survey of recent work in a given field. Concepts and underlying principles should be emphasized, with enough background information to orient the reader who is not a specialist in the subject. Each paper should contain one key point, which the author should be able to state in one sentence. The desired focus should be on technology or science, rather than product details. It is important to describe the value of specific work within its broader framework.

Replications of previously published research must contribute sufficient incremental knowledge to warrant publication. Authors should strive to be original, insightful, and theoretically bold; demonstration of a significant “value-added” advance to the field’s understanding of an issue or topic is crucial to acceptance for publication. An Original Paper may describe instrumental developments, innovative applications and/or strategies for problem solving with a multidisciplinary approach. Multiple-study papers that feature diverse methodological approaches may be more likely to make such contributions. References to the established technique must be given in the manuscript.

There is no strict page limit, but we advise a maximum length of up to 6000 words including 20-30 references, plus 4-6 figures and 1-3 tables. Most importantly, paper length and content must be appropriate. Extensive tables, procedures, computer programs or animated graphics should be presented in form of Electronic Supplementary Material.

Short Communications

Short Communications are urgent communications of important preliminary results that are very original, of high interest and likely to have a significant impact on the analytical community. A Short Communication need only demonstrate ‘proof of principle’. Authors are encouraged to submit an Original Paper to the IJoFCS following the Short Communication. Although the IJoFCS welcomes the submission of this type of article, fragmentation of a substantial body of work into a number of short publications is strongly discouraged. Unnecessary fragmentation is a valid reason for rejection of a Short Communication. There is no strict page limit. For a Short Communication we advise a length of up to 2000 words, plus 2 figures and/or tables, and 15 key references.

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