The IJoFCS was founded in 2006, and launched during the ICoFCS 2006 - The First International Conference on Forensic Computer Science (www.icofcs.org) and the ICCyber 2006 - The Third International Conference on Cyber Crime Investigation (www.iccyber.org).

On early 2005, when I was planning the IJoFCS, when I didn't even had the final  journal's name and cover, I had many meetings with Professor ANTONIO NUNO DE CASTRO SANTA ROSA, now a member of this journal's Editorial Board, from University of Brasilia, to talk about this journal. He always had time enough to me, he did his best, and gave a great contribution.

On 2005, Mr. CLÁUDIO MIRANDA DE ANDRADE gave me a great contribution, by creating the IJoFCS cover.

Before launching the first IJoFCS number, professor CLOVIS TORRES FERNANDES, now a member of this journal's Editorial Board, from Instituto Tecnológico da Aeronáutica (ITA), gave me his valuable contribution, mainly on the Journal's Scope definition. 

For the IJoFCS Volumes 1 and 2, I had a great Editor, Professor HELVIO PEREIRA PEIXOTO, now a member of this journal's Editorial Board, from Brazilian Federal Police. He gave me a really great contribution, he did his best and worked hard, he customized the first IJoFCS website, based on OJS, he edited the papers, and he took care of IJoFCS needs.

For the IJoFCS Volumes 3 and next, a partnership was established with the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Brasilia, by means Professor FRANCISCO DE OLIVEIRA ASSIS NASCIMENTO, now this Journal Associate Editor, from University of Brasilia. He is providing funding and working hard to the journal.

For the IJoFCS Volumes 4 and next, I have two new Associate Editors, Professors ALEXANDRE RICARDO SOARES ROMARIZ and PEDRO DE AZEVEDO BERGER, from University of Brasilia. They and Professor FRANCISCO DE OLIVEIRA ASSIS NASCIMENTO are working with me to keep on editing and printing the IJoFCS.

The first IJoFCS website was developed by Professor HÉLVIO PEREIRA PEIXOTO, by means customizing the Open Journal System - OJS (see http://pkp.sfu.ca/?q=ojs), but we had to leave the OJS. The current IJoFCS website was developed and is updated by this Editor-in-Chief.

This Journal is indexed by Qualis/Capes, a Brazilian governamental scientific Agency.

On mid 2011 this Journal joined DOI and CrossRef, so that all papers have DOI numbers. The formation rule of Journal DOI number is: 10.5769/J
yyyynnppp, where yyyy is the publication year, nn is the Journal number, and ppp is the paper number in ascending order.


IJoFCS Editor-in-Chief
The first IJoFCS cover. The image above was supposed to be the official IJoFCS cover, everything was ready for the issuing of the Volume 1, Number 1, in mid 2006. At this time, Professor HELVIO PEREIRA PEIXOTO joined the team, and asked to try to improve the cover. He worked with CLAUDIO MIRANDA DE ANDRADE for a couple of days, and they really did a great work, and presented me the current official IJoFCS cover.